Easy Steps To Winterize Your RV

Easy Steps To Winterize Your RVThese are easy steps to winterize your RV. RV antifreeze is very inexpensive and following your RV manufacturer’s recommendations to flush the water from the RV plumbing and replace will RV antifreeze can save you 100’s of dollars in service and much more if your pipes and fixtures burst. We take you through each step where most RV’s can have the water system winterized in around an hour.

RV Portable Waste Tank

RV Portable Waste TankThere are RV portable waste tanks also known as gray tanks or blue boys, that offer a great solutions to empty your black and gray water tanks without the need to move your RV. One of the challenges to RV life is managing a your black and gray water tanks. This can be more of a issue when you are camping in a state or federal park for a longer period than what your waste tanks can support you. And then there are those times when you return home and you have gallons of waste in your tanks and no opportunity to dump before returning home.

Clean RV Black Tank

clean back tankWe all probably will agree, this can be a chore and not the most pleasant experience. Unfortunately, if you own an RV, it’s just one of those necessary things that must be done from time to time. This isn’t about dumping your black tank, but the steps needed to clean that icky gunk that builds up in the black tank overtime.

Mobley User Guide

The ZTE Mobley Mobile Hotspot has been a life and work changer for our iLoveRVlife travels. The ability to have a cost effective data plan on top of the convenience of using the Internet in our vehicle has been a huge convenience. As with many, we needed additional information when we first received the Mobley that wasn’t shipped with the unit, but the Mobley User Guide could be downloaded. And yes, I lost the card with the download web address.

RV Internet and the ZTE Mobley

UPDATE: HI everyone. Found a new trick for the Mobley when traveling to the Smokey Mountains last week. When we travel we use the Mobley for our truck WiFi for Google maps, Amazon Prime Music and Joan can Facebook along the way. With the unit in the ODB port under the dash, cellular reception can be weak in the mountains. We purchased an ODB extension for $10 off Amazon and place the unit on the dashboard. Big improvement. Here’s a links for the unit we purchased http://amzn.to/2utcwgr


Our RV Internet and the ZTE Mobley has greatly improved since we purchased this device and the associated AT&T wireless data plan. This ZTE Mobley has made huge improvements in Internet performance both during RV travel and RV life at the campground.

RV Life and the RV Kitchen Sink

RV Kitchen SinkAfter traveling in an RV for a while, there are those little things that bug you and you want to change. For Joan and I, it was the RV kitchen sink faucet. It just didn’t have enough height to accommodate a large pot or a pan. Washing our wok after a good stir-fry, we’d slosh water everywhere trying to make the pan fit under the low profile faucet.

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