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RV Internet and the ZTE Mobley

RV Internet and the ZTE Mobley

Our RV Internet and the ZTE Mobley has greatly improved since we purchased this device and the associated AT&T wireless data plan. This ZTE Mobley has made huge improvements in Internet performance both during RV travel and RV life at the campground. In this video, we show how the ZTE Mobley is used in our truck during travel and more importantly, how we use the unit in our 5th wheel. As an Internet marketer and web developer, we need fast upload and download speeds. The ZTE Mobley and AT&T plan have not disappointed us so far. The device is reasonably priced and we have not been able to find a more competitive data plan.

Below is the the link for the AC adapter we use for the ZTE Mobley:

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Winegard Pathway X2

I took a little comedic licence with this video. The opening shows the frustration in setting up a satellite dish when you arrive at your camping destination. Any RVer who has a standard dish can appreciate those times when you just can’t hit your desired satellite and the aggravation experienced.

Stay with the video. There’s a better way to enjoy satellite TV in your camper using the Winegard Pathway X2 especially if you are using the Dish Network service. What a great product and super easy to set up.

If your interested in the X2 or similar products, use the links below. I’ve also included a link within this website reviewng the set-up for a physical dish when we used DirecTV.

Winegard Pathway X2
King Tailgater for DISH
King Tailgater for DirecTV
Winegard Carry Out Satellite Tripod

Setting up your dish – https://ilovervlife.com/make-rv-satellite-tv-easy/

RV Antenna Upgrade

This is simple RV antenna upgrade that can add some gain to your the TV channel reception when you’re located in one of those remote spots. I found this mentioned in an Escapees forum several months ago and thought I’d give it a shot. We travel with a Dish receiver and satellite dish, but always want at least one local channel for news and weather updates during bad storms.

We have the typical crank up Wineguard antenna found on most RVs. We tried to add the Wineguard Wingman which is an excellent non-powered add-on to your antenna to boost distance signals, but we had a simple problem – once installed the Wingman hit out air conditioner.

Below are pictures of this RV antenna update. I’ve also give additional details in the video above.

As always, I love RV life, Jerry

RV Antenna Upgrade - I Love RV Life RV Antenna Upgrade - I Love RV Life RV Antenna Upgrade - I Love RV Life RV Antenna Upgrade - I Love RV Life RV Antenna Upgrade - I Love RV Life RV Antenna Upgrade - I Love RV Life RV Antenna Upgrade - I Love RV Life RV Antenna Upgrade - I Love RV Life

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