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Keep Ants Out of Your RV

Keep Ants Out of Your RVOh No! Ants! ANTS!!! If you have an RV and camp, we’ve all heard the yells when it comes to those annoying critters that invade our camper. If there is a path into the camper, these menacing bugs will overtake the pantry and any other place that may have something they want to eat.

Managing Moisture In Your RV

Managing Moisture In Your RVManaging moisture in your RV is not a difficult process. We all get in a hurry wanting to head to our next destination, but if it’s been raining and the sliders are wet, you could introduce unwanted moisture in you RV. This can lead to sour smells or worse, mold that could impact your health and damage your belongings.

We recently had to move our 5th wheel after two days of hard rain. The sliders were wet, but with about 15 to 20 minutes of prep time using a long handled squeegee and a large beach towel, we were able to head down the road to our next campground.

RV Tour – A Look Inside Our 5th Wheel

RV Tour - Take A Look In Our 5th WheelIn this RV tour we take a look at our 5th wheel. Joan and I have really enjoyed our Heartland Gateway 5th wheel. Over the past 3 years we have made a number of changes, some simple mods, other a bit more extensive, yet all to make out RV more like home. We even added a kitty on-site. For this mod, I’m not sure who likes this one more, Joan and I or our kitties, Mink and Molly. So come with us and tour.

Easy Steps To Winterize Your RV

Easy Steps To Winterize Your RVThese are easy steps to winterize your RV. RV antifreeze is very inexpensive and following your RV manufacturer’s recommendations to flush the water from the RV plumbing and replace will RV antifreeze can save you 100’s of dollars in service and much more if your pipes and fixtures burst. We take you through each step where most RV’s can have the water system winterized in around an hour.

RV Apps – 6 Essential RV Apps for Travel

6 Essential RV Apps for TravelWe love RV travel. Part of our formula to make RV travel easier is trip planning along with a number of valuable travel tools we use to reach our destination. We have 6 essential RV apps for travel we use on a regular basis to find campgrounds, map our travel, locate rest areas along the way and to purchase fuel. There are a number of other RV apps used from time to time, but these 6 essential RV apps for travel are always part of our RV adventure both in planning as well as those days we’re on the road.

In this video we show how we use our favorite apps – RV Parky, TripAdvisor, Google Maps, Rest Stops, Allstay Big Truck Stops and last but not least, Gas Buddy.

RV Portable Waste Tank

RV Portable Waste TankThere are RV portable waste tanks also known as gray tanks or blue boys, that offer a great solutions to empty your black and gray water tanks without the need to move your RV. One of the challenges to RV life is managing a your black and gray water tanks. This can be more of a issue when you are camping in a state or federal park for a longer period than what your waste tanks can support you. And then there are those times when you return home and you have gallons of waste in your tanks and no opportunity to dump before returning home.

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