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RV Portable Waste Tank

RV Portable Waste TankThere are RV portable waste tanks also known as gray tanks or blue boys, that offer a great solutions to empty your black and gray water tanks without the need to move your RV. One of the challenges to RV life is managing a your black and gray water tanks. This can be more of a issue when you are camping in a state or federal park for a longer period than what your waste tanks can support you. And then there are those times when you return home and you have gallons of waste in your tanks and no opportunity to dump before returning home.

Clean RV Black Tank

clean back tankWe all probably will agree, this can be a chore and not the most pleasant experience. Unfortunately, if you own an RV, it’s just one of those necessary things that must be done from time to time. This isn’t about dumping your black tank, but the steps needed to clean that icky gunk that builds up in the black tank overtime.

RV Life and the RV Kitchen Sink

RV Kitchen SinkAfter traveling in an RV for a while, there are those little things that bug you and you want to change. For Joan and I, it was the RV kitchen sink faucet. It just didn’t have enough height to accommodate a large pot or a pan. Washing our wok after a good stir-fry, we’d slosh water everywhere trying to make the pan fit under the low profile faucet.

RV Roof Inspection and Cleaning

rv roof inspection and cleaningIt’s RV Spring cleaning time and for I Love RV Life, that means climbing on top of the 5th wheel, performing a thorough RV roof inspection and cleaning. It’s not a difficult process if done once a year. We cover roof inspection, our cleaning tips and safety. This is something every RV’er should do each year.

Cat Litter Box and RV Travel

Cat Litter Box RV TravelOur RV travel has included our two cats, Mink and Molly, since day one. As with most pets, they’re family and seem to enjoy RV travel as much as we do. Our biggest challenge has been the cat litter box. With cats, it’s that necessary must have, but as those of use who travel with cats know – RV floor plans were not made for this essential item.

Mr Heater RV Propane Project

Mr Heater RV Propane ProjectThis is a great little project. Low cost, big savings and great convenience. After spending way to may dollars last winter feeding our Mr. Heater Big Buddy with those expensive 1lb green bottles, we came up with this idea to connect a 20lb tank outside with quick connect fittings to simplify set up when needed.

During our coldest months, we were using two 1lb bottles every day and half. Part of the reason for using the Big Buddy Heater was to reduce the noise created by the RV furnace plus these units are very inefficient dumping a 30lb tank in 5 days.

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