RV Life and the RV Kitchen Sink

RV Kitchen SinkAfter traveling in an RV for a while, there are those little things that bug you and you want to change. For Joan and I, it was the RV kitchen sink faucet. It just didn’t have enough height to accommodate a large pot or a pan. Washing our wok after a good stir-fry, we’d slosh water everywhere trying to make the pan fit under the low profile faucet. We found an economic replacement faucet from Amazon that matched our decor and the project was on. This is a simple RV mod that took about 20 minutes and the results were perfect. Although not an exact step-by-step in an effort to save video time, we cover all the major areas and hope you find the project easy and informative.

Helpful links for products used in this project:
VAPSINT Brilliant Oil Rubbed Bronze Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

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