RV Furniture Upgrade – Less is More

Old SofaWhen we bought our 5th wheel, the inside was fitted to resemble a small, upscale apartment. Two dinning area chairs, two matching foldout chairs in a closet, two recliners and an L shaped couch for three with a side and middle recliner. At purchase we thought this was perfect, not so much once we started spending weeks in 400 square feet. We started thinking about a RV furniture upgrade.

We bought the RV to have maximum space for two. We’re empty nesters with a couple of grandkids and quickly discovered the blow-up mattress, while functional, was not the best solution for a week of travel for four. We ran into this again during our trip to the North Georgia mountains and had a couple spend a weekend for the fall leave change. The mattress filled the living floor space and had to be blown up before bedtime and deflated in the morning. What a pain! This big, bulky thing along with the bedding, well it was just inconvenient.

I Love RV Life - New SofaThe fix took a little investigation and some patience, but we replaced the oversize L shaped sofa with an apartment size sleeper sofa. Note to anyone considering such a modification. Our camper entry door was 29 inches and we had to find a sofa that would fit sideways through the opening. Second reduction was to remove the fixed chairs from the dining table. The fold out chairs work fine and if we entertain, we find it more practical to enjoy the picnic table outdoors or going to a local eatery down the road.

The change is substantial. New sofa, less chairs and adding a small 38 inch ottoman for leg comfort and additional storage has made a huge impact in our living space. Plus, the occasional grandkid bonding trip is much simpler to accommodate.

As always, I love RV life, Jerry