Cat Litter Box and RV Travel

Cat Litter Box RV TravelOur RV travel has included our two cats, Mink and Molly, since day one. As with most pets, they’re family and seem to enjoy RV travel as much as we do. Our biggest challenge has been the cat litter box. With cats, it’s that necessary must have, but as those of use who travel with cats know – RV floor plans were not made for this essential item. We started off placing the litter box under the bathroom sink. It fit. The cats used it. But, cat litter was always in the floor and tracked throughout the RV. You could sweep it up and an hour later, more was in the floor. We came up with a great solution. A custom box with an entry next to the steps and a door to service the box from the pass through storage. This solution has been great. Worth the day of planning and the work to accomplish.

I also show how we travel with Mink and Molly in the back seat of the truck. As stated in the video, the link below is the same unit for the back seat pet tube that we are using.

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